Hy-Def Plasma


367 West 900 North

Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Phone: 801-355-3408

F.A.X.: 801-355-3400

Bish's has been a leader in the steel fabrication industry since 1945.

Through the company's dedication and leadership Bish's continues to grow and expanded its customer base allowing
Bish's to meet the ever changing demands of the steel industry.

One way in which Bish's is staying on top of the industry is through the purchase of a Hy-Def Plasma table and a Water Jet table. These machines allow us to provide a more accurate and cost effective part for our customers. Through these purchases and the dedication of our employee's, Bish's has been able emerge as a top fabricator for the waste water industry.

With all of the changes over the years, Bish's main focus remains meeting the needs of our customers and creating a stable and safe work environment for our employees. 
Water Jet